Diamond Ganesha


Diamond Ganesha is unique and an amazing creation of nature. A real and natural big diamond features almost all the parts closely, resembling God Ganesha with outlines of Eyes, Ears, Trunk and even Legs. The yellowish grey diamond is approximately 48mm high, 32mm wide, 20mm thick and weighs 36.50gm (cts.182.53).

Mr. Kanubhai's father Ramjibhai was a middle class labour worker in Ahmedabad. Mr. Kanubhai was just 14 years old when he came into diamond industry at Surat for learning diamond work. He worked for many years as a diamond worker and later he started a small diamond business. Day by day he did good business which encouraged him to buy rough diamonds from Belgium, Israel, USA, etc.

One day Asodaria family's elder member dreamt that Lord Ganesha blessing is going to change his family fortune soon. On next day while checking diamond consignment from Belgium, Asodaria found raw diamond weighing 182.53 carats in the natural form of Lord Ganesha! Only one diamond exists all over the world, which is certified by an International reputed authorized laboratory as unmounted real diamond.

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Only one "Karam Diamond Ganesha, 182.53cts" exists all over the world

Lord Ganesha's arrival has changed his life, that of his family members and all those who had the DARSHAN in a big way. The same has been proven in the case of Honorable Chief Minister of Gujarat, Mrs. Anandiben Patel, she too has appreciated the diamond.

Karam Diamond Ganesha is a world famous diamond held with Karam Exports. It is believed that the real natural shape Diamond Ganesha may get due place in near future in Guinness Book of World Record as an amazing diamond in the world.

Many respected National, International & Social Media friends have seen the Karam Diamond Ganesha to get Good Luck Blessing and many more requests coming day by day. Ganesha is known as God which has no religious as well as geographical boundaries. Being proud owners & blessed by Vighanharta God Ganesha, Asodaria family want to share rarity and nature's blessing with rest of the humanity.