Diamond Ganesha

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I heartily Darshan the wonderful Lord Ganesha in the Divine Diamond at Mr. Kanubhai Home. This moment can only earn by the Real Grace of God. I am very surprised by concrete Darshan of Karam diamond Ganesha.

Mahamandleshwar Shree Vishwambhar Swamiji Maharaj
Priest, Shree Bharti Aashram – Girnar, Junagadh, India

I felt that Lord Ganesha directly came to meet me this time.

Chandrakant Y. Joshi
Priest, Shree Siddhivinayak Temple, India

It's my pleasure in life that I saw the Natural Diamond Ganesha.

Ajit A. Joshi
Priest, Shree Siddhivinayak Temple, India

This is wonderful Diamond in world.

Business, Hsin Yi Gems (H.K.) Co. Ltd., Hong Kong

I have not seen such a very rare Diamond and I am sure there's nothing like it anywhere in the world. It's amazing how it is in the shape of Lord Ganesha who's the remover of obstacles, the patron of arts and science and the Deva of intellect and wisdom. I think whoever is in the possession of this rare diamond have been truly blessed by God!

Ria Rue
Business, World Famous Diamond and Jewellery Designer, USA

I am happy to know about such special information of "Natural Diamond Ganesha". I personally love Lord Ganesha, has been my guide since the beginning of our magazine and we have some amazing stories and testimonies of success. I hope I can visit sometime, would love to see this rarity and such unique blessing.

Viviana Puello
Art, ArtTour International, USA

As diamonds are forever, God is forever.

C. Y. Bhatt
Government, Surat Municipal Corporation, India

I am feeling the energy of the Diamond Ganesha.

Oszvald Nandor
Business, Hungary

It's a real Ganesha Murti in Diamond. Very happy to see it with family.

Chandrakant Sanghavi
Business, GJEPC Gujarat, India

I can only say that I am blessed by my Ganpati to get his Darshan. I believe in him & feel I am really lucky to get his beautiful Darshan. It's just out of this world.

Rupal Dholie
Business, Interior Designer, India

It is amazing Diamond Ganesha, I am very happy to see it.

Archana Didi
Celebrity, Meditation Guru (Founder of Celebrating Life Foundation), India

Such a Diamond is not held in my famous Vadodara Museum.

Late Ranjitsinh Gaekwad
Vadodara Rajvi, India

It is a Real Diamond in Ganesh Idol. I am Happy to see it.

Hon'ble Rakesh Asthana
Government, Surat Police Commissioner, India

I liked the Diamond Ganesha. It is amazing and an extra-ordinary Diamond.

Frans Jonker
Business, Gemologist, USA

This is real and unique Diamond.

Tanya Szito
Business, Head of Gem Sztar, Hungary